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At times I was perplexed on whether to increase my bet or how to play my cards. Using basic strategy, I looked at the EV sensitivities of each of the card ranks i. And, you can do this almost instantly — you can be making money less than an hour from now! They undertake a strict process of testing and evaluating a wide range of sites , looking at a variety of key factors, and then applying their ratings accordingly. This information can save you a bundle.

Bust It Side Bet

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Note that the green curve shows about a 1. Using basic strategy, and assuming the cut card at 48 cards left in the shoe, the following returns are obtained:.

The Ace-count system is very easy to implement e. Some people have a good idea of when the shoe is Ace-rich or not. At the last hand, you should have seen 28 Aces. But, if you saw 30, then the count is -2, and the house has a 6. I suggest you simply count the number of Aces seen, even using chips if it helps you keep track. There are 4 Aces per deck. Get an idea of what a deck 48 cards looks like in the discard rack. Ask the dealer for their estimate of the number of decks in the muck.

Thus, you should be able to determine the Ace count very easily. You look at the discard rack, and it looks like 3 decks have been dealt.

Your actual Ace count is In general, Barona is very flexible about increasing table limits. And for the last hand in the shoe: But for most cases, his basic strategy charts boil down to the following simple rules: If your first card is an Ace, triple your bet.

If your first card is a Face, triple your bet against , else double your bet. Double 10 against Double 11 against 7 and under. The only soft total double is soft against a 6. Double-for-less split aces rescue soft and under, and soft against 9 and A. Hit 14 except against a 6.

Hit 15 against a 2 or 3. Hit 16 against a 2. Hit 17 against an Ace, and for some 5-card totals. Using a basic strategy simulator, I generated the curves showing the effectiveness of this simple Ace-Count system including doubleunit-for-less as Ace-split rescue: The graphics which are traditionally great, something that distinguishes Playtech as a developer, plus the background music, will pamper you.

The dealer's voice will be nice, soothingly inviting you to join the gaming and make your bet. With such a presentation you will already be eager to play and indulge in Blackjack playing. If you have played traditional Blackjack, you will find differences in this option, Double Attack. It is a must to experience them by playing, then you will have your own impressions of them. Here is a short description of the major differences. The first lies in the fact that when you make your bet, the dealer will receive a card, and then you will be presented with the option of doubling the ante bet for you, if you wish.

But that will not be obligatory. Another difference is the special side bet in which you will win 5: That is a bust it bet. And if these three cards are three 8s, then your wins will be even heftier. Yet another difference is that in this variant of Blackjack there will be 8 Spanish decks in use. These are decks that will not have 10 cards. So you will play using 8 decks of 48 cards each. As for your goal in playing, it will be the same as when you play the standard option.

So you will strive to get a hand of 21, or get close to that, and you must avoid going bust. And to score a win, you will have to beat the hand of the dealer.

The perk will be that you will have the option of doubling the amount of your wager, when you see the face card that is with the dealer. Play Blackjack free online , and a usual make your bet before the dealing of the cards by the dealer.

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