Best 600CC Sportbike Comparison Test

I'll stick with frame sliders. Each was designed for a different purpose and we gained a new appreciation for sometimes overlooked rides that excelled in their natural environment. This is ideal for a motor that makes power in a narrow RPM range like the typical inline 4 cylinder sportbike. Everything is available for you at the sprocketcenter. Harley and his childhood friend Arthur….

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Motorcycle Buyer's Guide: 600cc supersports

It depends on what type of riding you will do with it if you plan to race, probably an Yamaha R6. Comfort wise the Honda is usually the best of all the japanese bikes. If you're talking strictly performance the Triumph Daytona is a heck of a bike. I usually ride the Hondas, because I'm not a racer any more, and the rider position is the least aggressive and best for the street.

Power wise, on the street you're not going to notice a lot of difference between all the Japanese motorcycles.

But, they will each have their own personality and quirks. Some are more twitchy on throttle response, some chassis turn in better than others. But if you are not on a track you won't need the fastest turn in, or most aerodynamic position.

Your best bet is to ride all the models and find the one that fits you most comfortably and that you enjoy riding. The lack of fairings does limit top speed to about , but the acceleration and power to weight ratio are nearly identical to a GSX-R What you get are the triple howl, which must be heard to be appreciated, and a riding position that allows canyon carving with the supersports as well as comfortable all day rides.

Motorcycling has always been about that perfect bond between rider and machine. And when you find the perfect bike, it moves with you just like it was an extension of yourself. Proven on the track, it fits like a glove, and is as responsive and instinctive as snapping your fingers. Which would have the best lap times if ridden by the same rider, the Yamaha R6 easily wins.

Side note, today Yamaha released the yzf-R6 and it's beautiful. It's not as aggressive although it has a better top speed, but is a much more comfortable daily ride. So my point is different bikes have different positives to them. This is a broad question and over the years there has been an ebb and flow as Manufacturers look at what the competitor has produced and try to make theirs better.

So you would need to factor in what model year you were looking at. Plus how well they have survived the test of time. We can compare the specs and pick out the minute differences, but most of the current cc sportbike crop is pretty close in those terms. Personally, I am partial to Yamaha's for sentimental reasons, but I wouldn't turn down a Triumph.

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What is the best cc sports bike? MV Agusta r 3 cylinder cc exotic Italian bike. Monetize your content on Udemy, the largest learning marketplace. Create a course in the topic and language of your choice. Reach over 24M students and start earning! Start Now at udemy. What is the best second hand cc bike? Which is the best cc engine? Why are cc bikes not sold in India? Answered Nov 22, Any and all of them are excellent machines. I would say it boils down to rider preferences, but I'll try my best to go over some of the aspects that set them apart.

They have a electronic feeling that takes the non-linear power curve to a whole new level. Awesome bikes all around, but they shine with their tremendous engines.

In terms of rider ergonomics, the seating position is very aggressive. Honda and Suzuki Now Honda and Suzuki also have powerful engines, but they feel much more mechanical and controlled.

These bikes, however, have awesome chassis and handling feel. It's hard to put your finger on it, but these bikes have hand down the best handling characteristics out of the Japanese bikes. As for ergonomics, Honda and Suzuki have aggressive stances, but are much more relaxed in comparison to Yamaha and Kawasaki.

Triumph Now we arrive on the Triumph Daytona 's. These bikes are tremendous across the board. Awesome handling, excellent power delivery, and arguably blow the Japanese bikes out of the water. As for ergonomics, the Daytona is extremely aggressive. Thank you for your feedback! The best cc sport bike for you depends on what you plan to do with it: Are you going to: Race it on the race track like Laguna Seca, Sears Raceway?

If so, then being able to remove all the lights and easily change tires would be important. A more upright position would also be more comfortable. Having good side mirrors also helps when changing lanes. Also, anti-lock brakes ABS would be great for riding in the rain. Then you need to easily change tires and have an easy supply of plastic parts to replace when you drop it.

Be sure that ABS can be turned off! This site reveals driving history. Have you searched your name? Did you know a new site posts your driving history online? Search your name for results. Enhancing the whole experience is the segment's one and only combined antilock braking system C-ABS.

Overall performance is not quite as strong as the competition, but the friendlier riding position will definitely add comfort to your daily rides. Lighter and more powerful, it benefits from a more effective suspension system, optimized mass centralization, and a successfully revised design. Riding dynamics are pretty relaxed for a supersport, and the racy styling hides a docile beast that aims for nothing less than the podium.

Expect a plethora of electronics including 8-level traction control, variable injection mapping, computer controlled throttle, launch control, anti-wheeling, shifting assist, and more. The sweet-sounding triple-cylinder engine uses a revolutionary counter-rotating crankshaft, a MotoGP-derived technology that improves full-throttle acceleration.

The F3 is a super weapon for track days and hot lap sessions. Styling could be a bit flashier, although the new model is reminiscent of the excellent generation. The latest Gixxer is astonishingly precise, stable in corners, easy to pinpoint, and unflappable during hard braking.

In fact, there has never been a supersport that was easier to ride than this one, so the bar is pretty high for rivals. Those after a more road-oriented supersport will prefer the Suzuki GSX-R, which stands well above the competition in terms of comfort, user-friendliness, versatility, and linear power delivery.

The riding position puts a lot of weight on the wrists, so you have to ride above the posted speed limits to create a wind force that will lift your chest and relieve your arms. This Triumph offers arguably the best value in its class, and proves to be one of the raciest, best-handling two-wheelers in the world. As the revs climb for what seems like forever, a high-pitched sound comes out of the tailpipes.

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