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Choose music and programmes which fit your taste. Choose the tunes and jokes instead ofbeeps become much easier! A prefect elegant horse is waiting just for you and yourfriends! Zona always finds the best variant but you can choose quality, size, audio and subtitles. Also in thesection - a large collection of films for children, the bestcartoons of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and other popular studios. Premieres In this section - almost all the news ofworld cinema distribution and blockbusters immediately after therental in cinemas, are also available online in hd.

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Similar Apps Show More You can get a large selection ofmovies from Soviet Classics to new cinema films from andInstall the app now and watch movies instantly! Choose a movie for the evening, aseries on the road or turn the kids cartoons!

You can see acollection of free cartoons online, cartoons by subscription, amongwhich are your favorite "Fixiki", "Luntik" and "Masha and theBear". The subscription works simultaneously on all your devices: The subscription includes exclusive film [M] -channels inHD. Also available is the uniquechannel "Look Heard" for spectators with hearing impairment, onwhich there are films and cartoons with a sign languagetranslation. Premieres In this section - almost all the news ofworld cinema distribution and blockbusters immediately after therental in cinemas, are also available online in hd.

Also in thesection - a large collection of films for children, the bestcartoons of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and other popular studios. Live broadcasts of concerts of famous bandsand performers are available free of charge.

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Options "Favorite movies" and"Favorite channels" to quickly return to your favorite movies andTV channels. When choosing a film for the evening, do not forget touse our filter by genre. Pay subscription in the way convenient foryou. A trial period is available and auto-renewal of thesubscription within the application is available.

News and sports, rare and belovedby millions - we have tried to create an application relevant andinteresting for you. In the"Regional" you will find the local channels in your area. Please note that watchingTV on the mobile Internet may incur additional charges on traffic. For technicalsupport and suggestions to improve the application please contactus at the following address: Do you like going to themovies?

Appendix kinopoisk not only will not let you forget aboutthe premiere of the movie on your list of expected paintings, butalso help find the nearest cinema to see showtimes and even buy aticket. To do this, the application is: You can not choose what to see? This will help you: Learn more about your favorite movies, series and cartoons, stay upto date with the latest innovations and future Prime Minister ofthe world and domestic film.

Every day appear in the annex: Open the movie world with kinopoisk! AnnexNO NO broadcasts and announcements gear! Simple TV show, without adescription of programs and movies.

Our task is to quickly andeasily communicate information to you. For some regions time zones , such as the Far East, it is necessary to adjust theoffset time! Create reminders long press on thetransfer. As often come requests for TV channels that have alreadybeen added, the mini guide: To add the desired channel in the mainlist: The channel is added will be displayed in the mainwindow! A fresh andconvenient TV program of over channels will be available evenwithout an Internet connection.

In the application there is noviewing of translations and video, TVGuide is created for those whowatch TV on the big screen. The application supports severalseparate lists of channels, between which you can quickly switch onthe main screen. Save the program as a reminder and the applicationwill notify you of its start. And the nearest reminders can beviewed on the desktop widget without launching the application.

You have even more options: Just turn on the TV and the remote can be put aside. Subscriptions are your favorite programs that you can save and thenquickly search in the program, which will save you time. TVGuide has a lot of interesting things and it is constantlydeveloping!

Annex"Russian Serial" contains movies for all ages. Also, all the topRussian film version kinopoisk. On the main page the section What'sNew displays the most recently added a series of films. The"Seasons" - a kind of category with the series. We did not find the right movie? Write here in a review,whatever the film wanted to see and I'll try to add it to the nextday. The app is updated daily with new moviesLegal information: By default, it is installed on all phones android platform.

All film seriesaired from official channels in Youtube. In the case of the removal of a movie in Youtube, they willautomatically stop working in the application. In this case, weremove the outside rollers. And if something interesting is already underway, see the online broadcast channel right here and now!

For you cooked a free access not only to constantlyupdated content, but also the largest video archive TV channel"Russia 1". Watch and learn new things! Come "Russia 1"in our application, we always have something to look at! We offer you absolutely free to watchmovies online with the well-known portals which you will findunder the heading "Free Movies" and video sharing YouTube!

Also,in our application we have added a few more portals with movies. Inour application, you will also find: Join the millions of visitorsNTV. Ru to watch and read the highest quality materials from theleading Russian TV channel in your smartphone or tablet.

More than24 hours of video every day, day and night. With the app you canalways keep abreast of developments, watch the live broadcast NTVand complete archive of all issues and programs that have ever beenshown on television. The latest news in the shortest time will beat your fingertips and you can not only see and read them and sharethem with your friends. Within the app you can: Entertainment Top Show More Only the best modern games. Trailers, screenshots, descriptions and install instructions are included.

TV Channels are broadcasted by Zona in real-time. No additional devices needed. Channels are subdivided into categories: The line-up is also shown here. All music from Russian social network VK. So your favorite music is always with you. Radio stations from all over the world.

Choose music and programmes which fit your taste. You can watch and download latest matches too. Download of movies and series is very fast thanks to millions of Zona users. Download torrents from any websites with Zona and watch them before download is complete.

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