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I recommend this shop to anyone. Don't look anywhere else. Maple Casino, run by Vegas Partner Lounge, opened up their online casino Read review Sign me up. All software is provided by Betsoft and Parlay, and all games are in-browser only. All these things can be researched in your owners manual or be checked by a A. Blackjack Ballroom, run by Casino Reward Group, opened up their online casino

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Boule Strategy

La boule, French for ball, is a casino game similar to roulette. Especially popular in France, boule can be found in online casinos that generate high amounts of French traffic, such as Casino and Casino Riva. Boule is a simplified version roulette with very little, if any, strategy involved. Players tend to look for trends, keeping track of the results from each spin, but each spin is an independent statistical event.

It will not affect future spins nor will previous spins affect spins to come. Perhaps the best plan of action is to bet on a single number in hopes of earning seven times your money in return and then picking another game in the lobby or at the casino. Subscribe to our newsletter list and get the latest casino news, strategies and special offers sent directly to your inbox!

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Home Rules Boule Boule Discover all the secrets od this roulette-kind of popular French game and start your bets after reading Boule official rules.

Layout — The game includes a boule wheel, a betting layout, and a ball. Wheel — Unlike a roulette wheel, which features 38 numbers 00, 0, and Nos. It's a little difficult to know. One this is clear though — the casino's bonuses come with hefty wagering requirements of 60x, and there are the usual 'game weightings' to consider:. Nearly all online casinos have such requirements now, although having scratch cards and keno in the five percent bracket does seem incredibly tight.

The 'Blackjack Bonus' is even more confusing. If you're still interested, the site runs a VIP scheme as well. You receive special bonuses and cash-back offers by doing so … except that if you then read the FAQs a completely different 'Loyalty Program' is described, with no mention of the VIP program.

There are 59 slots titles in all from BetSoft, and another 67 from Parlay. There are sixteen versions in the casino's 'video poker' section including Caribbean and Pai Gow Poker for some reason, and eight versions of keno. The site runs smoothly but there's nothing exciting or innovative about the design.

It's an intense, neon-flashing red, like many other casinos on the market. All software is provided by Betsoft and Parlay, and all games are in-browser only. Another worry — the site makes no mention at all of withdrawal methods and limits on its 'Cashier' page.

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