Gaming on DDR4 Memory: 2133 vs 2666/3200MHz & 8GB vs 16GB

Note that the 4GB configuration is at a disadvantage because it is running in single-channel mode. The case is similar for games, 4GB will be sufficient enough for average chess games and even some old heavy games at low settings, given your computer has a dedicated GPU. Grid Autosport While Grid Autosport benefits from faster memory, it does not benefit from more of it. RAM is one of the most important components which plays a crucial role when we have to run heavy games and software on a computer. Compared to the total price of a gaming notebook, an additional 8 GB shouldn't be wallet-breaking, so I'd say go for it. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

What about the graphics memory for gaming?

How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming — 4GB Vs 8GB Vs 12GB Vs 16GB RAM

We're pretty sure that the slower speed of the 4GB test rig is not an anomoly. The average using 4GB was We think this may be a legitimate difference, and while it could be from lack of RAM, it's more likely due to the reduction of memory bandwidth - remember, the 4GB system is running with just one memory stick, and is thus stuck in single-channel mode. Civilization V's "Late Game View Benchmark" requires serious computational power, and may be drawing on significant amounts of memory bandwidth.

Whatever the real reason for the delta is, because this benchmark is quite repeatable, we think this is an actual difference in performance. This set of benchmarks is in game engines that tax the video card a bit more than the first set of games.

Metro's punishing benchmark has the 4GB system 2 percent slower than the other two - that could be related to RAM, but it's certainly small.

Hitman oddly has the 4GB system faster than the other two - again showing that benchmarking is part art and part science - even these built-in benchmarks have test-to-test variability. Then we have Tomb Raider, in which our run through the actual game world in Part I of our tests produced what appeared to be a 4 percent advantage for the 8GB system over the 4GB system.

Well, there's no advantage here - these three systems are tied! Our guess is that this benchmark, which is heavily-skewed towards showing off graphics features, isn't stressing the memory bandwidth as much as our real-world run. Infinite puts up results that show a different pattern than any game run previously. There appears to be the first indication that 16GB might, just might, have an advantage over 8GB, at least in the minimums category.

The minimums were all over the place in this benchmark, but based on our three runs at each setting, we can definitely say the 16GB system had the most consistent minimums. A bit game is limited to a maximum of 2GB of memory. There is only one exception to this, and that is if the bit game is Large Address Aware. Very very few games are Large Address Aware, but for the ones that are, the game will be able to use up to 3GB on a bit system or up to 4GB on a bit system.

So even with that one rare exception, we're still talking about the game only being able to address up to 4GB of memory under an absolute best case scenario more likely, the program isn't large address aware and you'll be limited to 2GB.

So going from having double what any game could ever use under a best-case scenario to having 4-times what any game could ever use is going to give you no benefit whatsoever. At best, maybe Superfetch will cache some part of the game and it will load faster but that's it. This might change once bit gaming catches on, if that ever happens, but for now, anything above 4GB is basically useless for gaming. On a final note, anyone who recommends disabling the pagefile is simply demonstrating their ignorance regarding how virtual memory works on a modern operating system.

Disabling your pagefile is a terrible idea under any scenario. Aug 19, Messages: I was thinking about getting another 8gb of ram because it's so cheap and partly because BF3's minimum requirement is 4gb of ram in the alpha at least Does having more ram help at higher resolutions? And does having all ram slots filled reduce overclocking with regards to Sandy Bridge? Feb 22, Messages: Majic 7 Senior member.

Mar 27, Messages: Aug 4, Messages: Sep 24, Messages: If you are like me at all- in that you fire up a game to play for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, while you have open the following: So, 16gb in a case such as the one described which is of course my case in real life would not be overkill. In fact, I just ordered a new board and 16gb of ddr3 Aug 26, Messages: Nov 6, Messages: Save your draft before refreshing this page.

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