A fun way to try your luck

Let's say you have a group of 2, a group of 3 and a group of 4. Almost all Nevada casinos have keno lounges, where numbered balls are forced out through an air blower to determine the winners. While keno is a game of complete luck, winning on numbers which are special to you makes the entire experience even better. This lottery-style game is simple to learn and fun to play. Some have special bonus or jackpot cards, in addition to their regular cards. The games you play can then be whenever you want, so long as you give your ticket to a keno retailer beforehand. Sometimes it's called a bull's eye, sometimes a booster, sometimes just a bonus.

Game Description

What are lucky keno numbers?

You simply choose your spots on the Keno card and wait for the draw. Every casino has its own maximum total of numbers to bet. Most allow you to bet on between 1 and 15 spots but there are those that permit up to 40 numbers on a straight ticket. You also have to decide how much you want to wager. You have the option of playing multiples of the base rate. Split Tickets — A split ticket allows you to play two or more games on the same Keno card field.

From the field of 80 numbers you select two groups of numbers and then separate them with either circles or a line. Way Tickets — Way tickets allow you to bet on multiple groups of numbers in a single Keno card field. Naturally, the more numbers you guessed right, the higher your winnings will be.

When a number is successfully predicted, it will be highlighted. Other numbers that were rolled out will be crossed off the Keno card. When all 20 numbers have been rolled out, you will be paid according to the pay table, located to the left side of the Keno card. If you would like to play the same numbers for the same bet, just click Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 button again. If you would like to play different number s , click Clear to clear the selected numbers or simply de-select the one s you would like to change.

One popular method is the "way ticket. A number circled by itself is the king, which is used in all combinations marked. Let's say a seventh number in the previous example was circled as a king. The player marks several number groupings and plays combinations of them.

For higher-number totals played, or for bigger bets, many keno games offer progressive jackpots. Sometimes the progressive jackpot gets high enough that the house is actually offering more than percent payback. Now that doesn't mean a player could sit down and win steadily at a 17 percent rate. Results can vary wildly over a short period of time.

A player can expect to hit eight-of-eight on the average of once every , trials, and the casino's eight-spot was paying nothing below five-of-eight spots, so only 2 percent of all tickets would collect anything at all. Overall, the returns at keno are too infrequent for anyone to play the game seriously. A game or two over breakfast in the casino coffee shop or relaxing in the keno lounge is plenty for many people.

But some players on a tight budget enjoy sitting in the keno lounge, being served free drinks and playing a buck at a time as an inexpensive way to spend the day.

For someone who wants to play seriously enough to go from casino to casino, the best strategy is simply to compare pay tables and play at the house that pays the most for the number of spots you select. There is no strategy for selecting numbers -- any number is as likely to come up as any of the others.

There are six standard Keno bets