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Museum Maker Learn how museums tell their stories and make exhibitions. You will learn to code inputs and random numbers. For most games save files stores here: Script Instances value set to 0 or false will save and reload correctly now. Temporarilly removed Deviant Art link, it was a sad panda and it needs some love. For more information on how to use the Cocoon JS app, check out this blog post.

*.sav (Wolf RPG Editor)

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Again there are many file formats you can use. You can check your actor's position by clicking on game mod. A very important aspect of actors, is that there are four types of them. The normal actor type is what the above talks about.

The additional types of actors are Wire-frame, Filled Regions, and Canvas actors. Wire Framed regions can serve as borders for some collision, but they're not visible in game, and cannot receive mouse click events.

Filled Regions are also invisible, the difference being they can receive actions from mouse clicks. Canvas actors let you draw any line, image or other elements on them. Additionally, it allows the rotation and scaling of other images on other actors, as well as just a file on disk. Scripting knowledge is needed to perform these effects. The Game Editor engine is event driven. For something to happen in your game, Game Editor handles events you create using the interaction of actors, and other game elements, the mouse and the keyboard.

In Game Editor, you can customize to a very high extent what actions happen on an event. Game Editor provides two ways for dividing the levels of the game. One is creating separate files for each level, and then linking them with 1 or 2 functions. But if the levels are small anyway, and you don't want to separate them so much, then you can put all levels into one file, and surround the levels with activation regions which defines the surrounded part of the file loaded in and out of the memory together, This loads and unloads actors and regions depending on whether the activation region is touching the view.

If you have earlier created a separate level file, then you can merge projects into one file, as long as the actor names merged are different. Game Editor also allows you to create Paths, and activation events. Paths are marked as nodes in Game Editor interface, and can specify a route the actor will move on. Activation events are another important aspect. When one actor receives an event, then if there's an activation event on that actor for that event, then it triggers an activation event on the specified actor.

If in game play two cars crash, and there's a hintbox actor which comments in-game events, and we want the hintbox to say: All versions of Game Editor are backwards compatible.

Exists olds but high quality games of this engine. If you have one - welcome to use this site. Previous version of Ace, but it's supports too. You can edit saves of qsp games, it works like Ren'Py save editing, scan for variables from the savefile and change them. The Ren'Py save editor can scan for variables from the savefile and allow you to change them. You should be careful with editing, just find your money, gold, credits etc variable.

And do not change any unknown variables please. And already was published a lot of games by this engine. Fixed a bunch of problems with local preview. Enabled Local Preview by default with the server preview as fallback.

Fixed a few modals with css problems. Fixed a few problems with login. Bug Fixes and UI updates. Script Icons style has changed. Some Fixes for Local Preview. MP3 Files should play in the Asset Manager again. Script Editor buttons style has changed.

Recover your account is a bit nicer. Fork Script is now Copy Script. Sidebar Asset Palette style changed. You now get a "game pack" so you don't have to manually select a pack everytime you want to upload an asset Side bar is more stable. Smart Layers, this will auto select layers for certain type of asset. Saving is more stable. Loading is more stable. Dialogs have nicer headers. Error Modals making things nicer. Terrain should be noticeable faster Script Editor style has been changed.

Packs stuck in the loading faze bug should be fixed. Brush acts differently now, it will place an item and select it. We added some experments that we are currently playing around with that will get into core in a later update. Resetting passwords should be heaps better. Level Reordering is far nicer! Version 1 Version 1. Tablets modal, is dismissible now. The script editor now shows what blocks you can plug another block in to.

Fixed the hitboxes for uploaded custom assets. You can stop music in the asset manager. Sound - blog post here Brushes Resize them self after layer size change. More robust way of saving games, so it doesn't fall over when you lose your internet connection.

Asset Manager now show's the correct content's of your pack. Assets feel smoother, to use. Fixed the bug where you sometimes get the "New Game" modal pop up twice. Fixed the bug where when you load a game, it would bring up the "New Game" modal. Fixed a bug in the templating to show the loading modal for the duration of the loading process.

Plenty of other bug fixes. Old games built in the old flash engine are now visible in the list of games. A tweak to the css so firefox will actually render an image properly. User Icon's wont weirdly change back to random images. Previewing a lot of terrain will be a lot faster in most cases. Saving and loading speed's have vastly increased. Script icon will display on asset's that sometimes wouldn't have them. The level won't duplicate it self after saving the game.

Some overall bug fixes and tweak's to make Gamefroot that much better. We have a new template game that people can use to build upon. Speed up animation Editor Added the new zip Uploader Version 1.

Updated first template game. Publishing to Gamefroot will update to your game instead of making a new one. Some tool tip's to some thing's to help new user's understand what they are.

Make an entire game in a minute just by clicking the right buttons: Massive fixes to publishing to Gamefroot. Temporarilly removed Deviant Art link, it was a sad panda and it needs some love. Fixed issue with adding scripts from packs. Fixed a number of issues that blew up the publish to Gamefroot dialog.

Fixed an issue with the Subscribe dialog preventing us from taking your money. Reduced payload to take entire microseconds off the page load time!

Saving, Loading and Previewing should be significantly faster. Script Instances value set to 0 or false will save and reload correctly now. Characters should now be in game objects as they are just "gamObjects" Animations will get updated if you update them through the animation editor. Level Renaming Select tool fixes Mini-map scrolling. Tell us about it so we can fix it Describe your problem to the Gamefroot Support team.

Chat to a real person Best contact time is between Or submit an error report What were you doing when the bug occurred? Had anything odd happened before the bug occurred? Was this a fresh game new game or is it a saved game? Assets Choose assets to use in your game. More packs can be found on the Marketplace. Add to Marketplace Add new Asset.

My Games Save History. So you want to make a game? Create a New Pack Choose a name for your new pack. Publish Your Asset Pack We can list your pack on the marketplace for all Gamefroot game makers to use in their games. There are some things that we need you to be aware of. You allow Gamefroot users to create new work using the pack contents. A pack can be removed from the marketplace, but users who obtained this pack can continue to use it.

Content that is offensive according to our terms of service will be removed by Gamefroot. Continue only if you agree to the above. Name Type Public Default. This script doesn't contain any custom variables. Learn more about custom variables. JSON is malformed and can not be imported. Cancel Import Clear Workspace.

Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. Upload Game Objects Select image files to upload from your device. Publish and Share Think your game is ready to share with the world? Something went wrong with Publishing your game.

Check your internet connection and if the problem persists, report a bug. Game Thumbnail optional Select image. Publish to App Store 1. Sign up to Cocoon. If your game is stretched try changing the screen size in the Game Properties panel.