Soon around the church build are rooms and gradually a cloister and a monastery are established. Ovech is a fortress, situated east of the nowadays town of Provadiya. Communication The country offers a highway network, including six international highways, which meet the international standards and link Europe with the Orient, and the North with the South. A peculiarity of the temple is that there are no domes but it has exceptional acoustics. Petrol stations on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria offer petrol with octane numbers 92, 98 and 95 H-unleaded, as well as diesel fuel.

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All the essential parameters of the environment are regularly monitored. The first holiday facilities here were built in the The resort is only 8 km away from Varna and situated in an old deciduous forest, reaching almost all the way to the sea, perched on a natural terrace above the sea, 10 - 15 m high. The main natural resources of the resort are: It is located in Golden Sands Nature Park, m above sea level on an area of over hectares.

It was declared a protected territory in Golden Sands tourist complex covers a territory of ,13 hectares. Thus the larger part of the park is preserved in its natural state, untouched by human hand. The proximity of the sea, the mild climate and the sea breeze have influenced strongly the flora and fauna in the park, which is why it differs greatly from the other national parks. The thick deciduous forest with entwined creeping plants in places gently descends to the seacoast.

Among this magnificent greenery nestle over hotels. There are many eating, sports and entertainment facilities, not only along the beach but also in the beautiful woods. The golden beach starts right in the foot of the forest. The resort also boasts a number of healing mineral springs. Golden Sands is the winner of a Blue Flag - a prestigious international award for environmentally clean resorts. The major microbiological, physical and chemical readings of the atmosphere, sea and sand are monitored monthly.

Within the resort, several types of transportation are at the disposal of the guests: It encompasses an area of 14 hectares among a majestic park with ancient trees, on the coast itself, with private beaches in sheltered coves. Conference Venue RIVIERA Holiday Club is an established elite center for the organization and hosting of congresses and conferences, receptions, business lunches, official celebrations and other business events.

The unique nature of the region has attracted settlers here from ancient times. Historical data indicate that as early as 2 or 3 century AD a fortified settlement called Geraneia was founded here. In the early s, the level coastline, the wide sand strip, the favorable climate and the exotic vegetation of the area were deemed suitable for the development of national and international tourism in Bulgaria.

The six-kilometer long beach line, m wide, is conducive to a family sea holiday and unforgettable fun in the sun. The Quiet Nest as it was known was supposedly also a love nest for the year-old monarch and her year old Turkish lover, Hasan. Marie belonged to a sect whose aim was the reconciliation of the Christian and Muslim religions and she apparently practiced what she preached. The villa architecture is primarily oriental, but includes old Bulgarian and gothic styles as well.

The botanical gardens were begun in by horticulturist Daki Yordanov, remembered by an attractive caretaker-cottage just inside the main entrance. In the past, species of plants graced the extensive grounds, including many white poplar - some over years old - and cacti, the second largest such collection in Europe. Some botanical gardens worldwide contributed to the collection.

Revival Complex 4 Hristo Botev Str. History Museum 3 Vitosha Str. It is recognized by its copper cubes with a shade of gold which symbolize the town and with the rich frescoes. The Church of Saint Nicholas was built by a donation of a Varna resident in The temple is honored by the Varna sailors whose patron is namely St.

Nicholas with the Bulgarian name St. Orthodox Church Saint Petka is the only temple, not ruined in the center of Varna with very powerful educational and social activity. A peculiarity of the temple is that there are no domes but it has exceptional acoustics. Seen from above the temple has a shape of a cross with polyhedral pyramid dome characteristic for the Armenian churches.

Aziziye Mosque is located next to the Boteva Garden. It is built in Maintained, renovated and acting past The Saint Archangel Michael Church, located is in the building of the first Bulgarian school in town of Varna, opened on July 25th, At the moment is a spiritual and educational center where you can see ancient icons and church utensils from the past. Soon around the church build are rooms and gradually a cloister and a monastery are established. Besides monks at the monastery living are many hermits.

Aladzha Monastery is located 17 km northeast of Varna on the road to Golden Sands in a sheer cliff. Make sure to visit on Wednesday and Saturday at Liturgy History and Ethnographic Complex Proto-Bulgarian town of Fanagoria is the only active open museum in the country. It is located in the Asparhuvoski Park and represents a proto-Bulgarian camp recreating the life of the proto-Bulgarian. A curious place for children and adults. There are many rare plants and animals at that place.

Pobitite Kamani are only 18 km west of Varna, next to Hemus highway. Built in as per design of arch. The Palace of Culture and Sports is a multifunctional complex for congresses, cultural and sports events. It has 6 halls, a recreation center, fitness hall, press center, covered trade center. Appropriate for commercial and trade. It was built in the late 19 century and is decorated in the tradition of neo-Gothic architecture.

Wonderful rocks This landmark consists of rock cones and pyramids reaching m. There marked are rock climbing routes. You can reach the Wonderful Rocks by car on the Provadiya — Aytos road. Ovech is a fortress, situated east of the nowadays town of Provadiya.

The focus of the show is the foundation, the rise and fall of the medieval rock monastery near Varna. Along with the light-and-sound effects over the rocky massif, onto which Aladzha Monastery was built, are projected film impressions based on elements of the legends, which as an artistic solution, have no analogue across South-Eastern Europe.

The show production is the work of director Nikolay Yotov, the screenplay is by Vallery Kinov — the long-time curator of the Aladzha Monastery Museum and National cultural monument, the music is by the composer George Andreev. According to scientists, this rock relief has been created about years ago, in the beginning of 8th century. These questions still remain unanswered. There are so many hypotheses, that even researchers themselves get confused.

Some argue that the rider is Khan Krum, and the relief was ordered by Khan Omurtag. Others believe that the rider is Khan Tervel, or god Tangra. One it the most recent hypothesis holds that the relief is a stone horoscope of Bulgaria and points out the exact location of the stars and the planets depicted as a human figure and several animals at the time of the foundation of Great Bulgaria on April 8, To put is short, something like a sign of ownership or a prediction for eternal existence of the Bulgarian reign over the region to the south of the Danube River.

The complex has hotel with 17 unique rooms and 2 suites. Ethno Restaurant - Mehana with seats inside and big garden too. Here you taste national cuisine - Bulgarian dishes, prepared in an oven or char-grilled. If you like home -made wine and brandy here is your right choice.

The Complex has also a rider base, wine cellar and Pigeon centre. Here you can ride an elite horse or donkey, do a safari on jeep or an ATV. Best Western Park , Chaika D. Spa Hotel Romance phone: Marina Grand Beach phone: Center Varna 1A, Bitolya Str.

Chataldzha Varna 22, Chataldzha Blvd. Very popular with local expats. Club CASE - an opportunity to meet cool people, grab a cocktail or just dance with friends. The newly open place in Varna. Cherno More Hotel phone: The complex offers lavish choice of gambling facilities - 61 slot machines and electronic roulette.

The customers can enjoy 81, Primorski Park Blvd. Archangel comes and takes it. This day is celebrated in St. In many places on this day a sacrifice is made for the Saint. Ritual table includes ritual bread, red wine and mutton. The eldest in the house breaks up the bread in the form of a cross, sprays it with some wine and blesses the family. Corn is handed out which everybody takes in two hands for the year to be bounteous and he or she utters: Official service is carried out in the church.

Name day celebrate all those named Angel,. It is connected with the belief that the day starts to grow like a millet grain from this day on and the sun starts to move like a chicken in an egg.

The day is celebrated in honor of the bear. Corn, which is left in water over the night, is boiled in a cauldron early in the morning on this day. The boiled corn is tossed up into the chimney and people say: They also put in the cauldron a few grains from everything that is soughed in the field and in the garden: This is done so that everything that is soughed grows big.

Ritual table includes boiled wheat and beans grains, fresh bread. Name day celebrate all those named Andrey, Andrian, Andriana, Andrea. Everything put on the table symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Rakiya and red wine are drunk. Only vegetarian dishes are served, mostly pulses — and an odd number of those as a rule. The night of new beginnings and bright expectations is connected with fortune-telling for personal happiness and fertility.

Nicholaus is among the few saints commemorated in both the Eastern and Western beliefs. For many children from the northern countries he is associated with the gift-giving figure of Santa Clause.

Nicholaus during which ritual loaves of bread, fish and wine are sanctified. Nicholaus is considered to be the patron saint of sailors, fishermen, merchants and pawnbrokers. He is also regarded as the protector of children. According to old legends he is the one who stirs up the sea storms and hurricanes. For this reason all sailing boats stay at peace on this day.

Even today fishermen believe that the observance of this feast day protects people from drowning. Name day celebrate all those named Nikolay, Nikolina, Nikola. Ignatius Long time ago, the New Year was celebrated on St. Nowadays this day marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities.

Ignatuis Day till Christmas, Christians would observe a strict fast, excluding even vegetable oil from their diet. On 20th December we should not welcome into our houses people with evil intentions otherwise we will be steeped in unhappiness throughout the forthcoming year. However it is considered a good sign if a domestic animal enters your home. We should not go on a visit empty-handed, nor lend money on that day. Under no circumstances should parents reproach their children. If that happens, they will be in constant conflict during the New Year.

Name day celebrate all those named Ignat. The aroma of magnificently decorated fir-trees permeates the air, children are impatient to receive their presents and housewives are busy preparing many culinary surprises. Name day celebrate all those named Hristo, Hristina, Kristian and Kristiana. Verona with its famous Antique Arena will show its beauty and power for the first time in Bulgaria with over artists on the stage. Vasko Vasilev with a concert tour in Bulgaria 24th November — Varna, Palace of Culture and Sport, 19pm The virtuoso violinist will devote 7 days to 7 concerts.

Vasko Vassilev has planned a series of surprises in connection with his upcoming national tour. A special project with a Grocery chain is among the most provocative thereof, as it is concerns a non-musical and so far unfulfilled dream of the violinist. The participating musicians as well as the repertoire will also be a surprise.

Marius Kurkinski always fills the stage with power and presence, and his iconic mono-spectacles create peaks in the Bulgarian theater. Now takes us and to Dostoevsky. Makes it deep and contagious, as only he knows how. Conductors of the orchestra are two musical virtuosos Peter Guth and Villas Buhler. As true professionals and faithful followers of the works of Strauss , they orchestrated with violin in hand. Ritual and concert at Nezavisimost Place. At Varna Archeological Museum located is the oldest gold treasure in the world.

Its age dates back to years BC. The find is of about items of almost pure 23,5 carats gold with total weight of about 5,5 kg. It consists of golden necklaces, bracelets, chest decorations and pots. Over items of pure gold and silver decorated with stones, pearl and enamel of the fond of Regional Historical Museum - Dobrich will be at the Archeological Museum until September.

Exceptional interest provokes the transferred grave No 43 with a skeleton of a forty-fiftyyear-old man covered with more than gold ornaments. The beginning of the Naval museum is laid in and the official opening and consecration of the Maritime museum took place in From then on the museum hosts various exhibits of marine guns, boats, navigational instruments, ship models, uniforms, awards, personal items, works of art.

The museum represents parts of the martial glory and the live of Bulgarian sailors from the military and merchant marine. The restoration of a turret deck from 18th century and of a seabed, make the visit here unforgettable. Other big treasures of the Naval Museum are its archive, photo bank and a specialized library. Varna, 2, Primorski Blvd. Cyril and Methodius Square, opposite the Cathedral. The scope of activity is: Cyril and Methodius Sq. Everything you need to know about Varna!

History The Bulgarian state was founded in as a union of new-settled Proto-Bulgarians, Slavs and with the participation of the local Balkan people and Thracians. For some useful telephone numbers please turn to back pages of this guide. Bulgaria in Brief 17 Beggars Although not common, beggars can be found in some of the tourist resorts. Crime Bulgaria has a middle crime rated compared the other European countries.

Gay Scene Homosexual practices are tolerable by the Bulgarian society. Ethnic Tolerance Bulgaria has long been a model of ethnic tolerance on the Balkans and can be proud of the peaceful coexistence between the various ethnic groups. The list of all these great cultural Festival which will be held for the first year in Bansko managed to claim a firm place in the world for Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, map of ski-resorts.

Creating excellent conditions snowboarding. With the world cups of men and women in the was able to establish a unique appearance before winter and with its festivals in the summer Bansko the world and earned the title of Winter Capital of 20 overview Population Area 3, sq.

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