14 Games Like World Of Warcraft (WoW) - MMORPGs You Should Play

A careful section of skills is required before you advance into raids or other battles. Politics and Social Issues. You can choose to play in first person or third person mode depending on what you prefer. Also think Elder Scrolls Online should be up there. You will level up and develop your skills as your complete quests, participate in raids and PVP battles.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Runes of Magic features some pretty solid PVP as well. You can buy houses and castles for yourself or your guild members which will help your team in PVP battles. They are beta testing siege combat which will enable guild vs guild fights. Despite not being a huge fan of PVP battles, I am really looking forward to siege combat. You will be provided with a residence and a basic housekeeper. You can choose to upgrade your residence as well as the housekeeper by either paying for it or using your own skills.

While most of the things are free in this game, some things, such as upgrading the housekeeper, can only be accomplished by paying for it. Fighting monsters is hella fun here. Apart from the fun factor, the other incentive to go one to one with them are Monster cards.

Some monsters drop cards once they are slain. These cards would provide you attribute bonuses while also serving as a trophy for slaying monsters. I for one love collecting them. The pet system is really unique as well. You need to use traps to obtain a pet. They will also assist you in combat depending upon how loyal they are to you. The in game currency system is Diamond that can be accrued through in game shops by using real money.

You need to be careful though as these shops are the real money suckers. In some cases, you will be rewarded with Rubies for buying Diamonds. These rubies can also be used for in-game transactions. You can also gift your Diamonds and Rubies to other players if you want. I could go on in the similar manner trying to pen as much as possible about every unique feature of Runes Of Magic.

I will curtail it right here. All in all, Runes of Magic is a pretty well-crafted game which is certainly going to exceed your expectations. World of Warcraft is subscription based game, but most of the games I have included in this list as WOW alternatives are free to play. Well, if you want a game similar to World Of Warcraft in terms of the business model, Rift should be your best bet. You will encounter several types of raids and dungeon quests most of which will need you to play with your friends.

You can be a lone wolf if you want to, but Rift is designed to play with others. One you churn through the initial content, you can participate in hour-long raids. These end game raids are going to test your combat skills for sure.

That's where the real fun lies! Tera seems to have the answers to all your questions. With more than 80 zones and approximately thousand quests to offer, it certainly going to keep you busy for a while. Besides an intriguing combat system, the gorgeous graphics and an intelligent enemy AI is going to take you by surprise as well.

Unlike in other MMOs, the monsters are not going to swing blindly. They will fall back, strategize and will strike when you least expect them to. You are going to die more often compared to other MMORPGs, but it will be you who'd have the last laugh as you are going to learn from mistakes and come back stronger than ever!

Again, there are not a lot of subscription based game left these days, so you'd have to put up with free-to-lay model even if you loathe it. There are 3 types of quests in Aion — Work Orders, campaign quests and ordinary quests.

Campaign quests are the main quests that can be completed by you only. These quests can't be shared with others or abandoned as they are necessary for your story progression. Apart from campaign quests, other types of quests are quite similar to WoW.

So if you are looking to play some games like World of Warcraft, Aion should be right up in your alley. There have been a lot of epic games, movies and novels set in fictional world of The Lord of The Rings. This MMO is not going to disappoint you either. Featuring a rich lore, tons of action packed quests and a gigantic world to explore, LOTO should be right up your alley if you are looking for games like World of Warcraft. Developed and published by Turbine, Lords Of The Rings was originally planned to be launched and run as a subscription based game, but they switched to free-to-play model with an option to subscribe soon thereafter.

You can get a good chunk of this game for free, but you'll have to pay to access the rest of the content locked behind the subscription door.

Subscription is also necessary to enjoy the frequently-released expansion packs. On top of that, it will also remove the currency cap and allow you to travel anywhere with ease. Its unique combat and difficulty level is also worth pointing out. The seven tiered system determines how difficult or easy your fight is going to be.

Depending on your level and health, a particular NPC may or may not be a threat to you. In a non-technical term, this system ensures that there won't be much repetition in fight. The PVP system is quite unique as well. Again, you'll need to subscribe to this game to enjoy most of what PVP has to offer. All in all, if you are looking to play a lore-rich game and don't mind paying monthly subscription fees for a game, you should definitely get your hands on LOTRO.

What makes this game stand out from other countless MMOs in the market, is a rich and believable world with a lot of meaningful, mind-bending quests. You will start off the journey by choosing between Dragon, Illuminati and Templar — the three factions available in this game. Initially designed to be a subscription based game, they switched to Buy-to-Play model pretty soon. Unlike most of the free-to-play MMOs, it features a more believable world with breath-taking graphics which is almost on par with single player games.

What's surprising is, most of the quests of Age Of Conan actually make sense. It has been designed with adult gamers in mind, so expect a lot of nudity and blood while you make your way to the top. A lot of raids and areas still remain exclusive to premium players which is a big turn off.

I hope they will change it as soon as possible. So if you are looking for some free games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan should be your best bet, at least until you get to level Those two choices will determine the role you will take in the game. You will level up and develop your skills as your complete quests, participate in raids and PVP battles. With a vibrant community that consists of millions of people from all across the world, it seems pretty unlikely that they will pull the plug anytime soon.

The game takes place in the fictional world of Tyria with your role as the savior of this region. You can perform quests alone, with your friends or with NPCs.

Guild Wars also has a subtle professions and skills system. While there are a good number of professions for you to take on, the core professions are Monk, Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer, Warrior and Elemenmtalist. Apeman C Dash Camera Review. Getting Started with FaceTime on Mac. Fixing a Slow Mac. Troubleshooting FaceTime on Mac. Top 4 Software Programs For Windows Apple Wireless Keyboard vs.

What is Internet Security? Why do I Need Internet Security? How to Buy a Computer: Rift Rift is actually extremely similar to World of Warcraft, and in fact, is one of the best WoW alternatives. Black Gold Online mixes a fantasy and steampunk world together to deliver a unique visual experience in the MMO space.

In Black Gold Online players will choose to figh Mabinogi allows you to create your own anime life in an experience that is simply overflowing with content, features and options. Watch your character grow in game as you explore the world of Erinn through quests, community engagement and an endless number of opportunities.

Aion is one of the growing number of subscription based MMO games that have gone free to play in recent years. So if you originally considered getting into Aion but the price turned you away now is a great time to get into this highly polished experience. Aion lets you play as one of two warrin Eden Eternal is a fast paced MMO with an impressive anime set of graphics behind it. The game is definitely one of the higher quality MMORPGs around and is worth checking out if you are on the hunt for a new game.

In Eden Eternal you will be assuming the role of a hero that was found trapped wi The game was released in November and as of went free to play so everyone can enjoy the experience.

For gamers who played the original EverQuest the game takes place in the same fictional world Norrath although yea It is widely regarded as one of the most popular browser based games around and has been constantly evolving since its humble beginnings over a decade ago.

Are you are ready to travel back in time and learn one of the many fighting styles available? Age of Wushu has decided to adopt a free The game is intended to be a remake of the popular Tartaros Online which circled the MMO scene around Like the many other MMOs on t Lucent Heart is an anime inspired MMO that combines astrology and dating together to create an in-depth match making system within the game which encourages you to build relationships with other players and find that special one.

Combining this unique feature with the core MMO features of dunge Age of Conan tries to separate itself from other MMO experiences by marketing itself as a more mature gaming experience. Like many other MMORPGs before it the game started out as a pay to play game and in recent years has swapped to a free to play game. The game is loosely based in the Conan un As the name suggests a unique selling point of the game is the flying system that makes flying your key transportation method to make the large game world accessible for exploration.

Flyff is a c Talisman Online takes place in ancient times and features the standard struggle between good and evil. The game has been around since and has attracted a large audience due to its free price tag and World of Warcraft similarities.

The game was one of the early adopters of World of Warcraft The game was released in and for a portable title definitely has a lot to offer. The game is a very simple experience as you would expect from a game for these platforms but Gameloft has manage Lineage II Lineage 2 originally ran on a subscription based model but since late has been entirely free to play with micro transactions available. Since going free to play the game has grown in popularity thanks to its huge number of class options compared to other MMORPG options.

Uniquely the game has an almost F

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